Summer Program


Field Research in the World of Birds

A Program for Maryland Students Grades 7 – 12

Canceled for 2017; hoping to get it back in operation for 2018.



Program Overview

Birds, aside from being a fascinating part of the natural world, provide a critical insight into the quality of different habitats in the environment. They are the best bioindicators of the quality of our environment and are a major focus of research in every country on our planet.

There are a number of research projects where student involvement is essential. Using GIS technology to map and simple field strategies, anyone can help collect data and further research. Students will work in the field with scientists and other students learning how to identify birds by ear and by habitat, map breeding areas and nest boxes with GPS and GIS technology, and initiate actual research projects.

During the week, participants will both work in the field and classroom with trained ornithologists and researchers. They will both collect and learn to access the numerous available data sources.

The program is being offered to both adults and students going into Grades 7 – 12. Both groups will work together in the field but will be offered different experiences in the classroom. Students will learn the basics of ornithology, use GIS and GPS, and see how to access eBird to download and upload data.

Students need not have any birding experience, but should have a love of nature and the outdoors. A considerable amount of time will be spent in the field in a variety of habitats from upland forests to swamps and marshes. All participants will receive a field guide and other materials.