Task 3 – eBird – Part 1

Part 1 – Registration and Orientation

Go to http://www.ymos.org/ebird/.

Part 2 – Inputting Data by Latitude and Longitude

1. Use your latitude and longitude for the dorm.

2. Observe the birds on the way from the dorm to the computer lab. Record the number of each species that you see or hear.

4. Log in to eBird at http://ebird.org/content/ebird/. Go back to Part 1 if you are not already registered.

5. Go to “Submit Observations” and choose “Use Latitude and Longitude”.

6. You will have the option of choosing decimal degrees for reporting or changing to degrees, minutes, and seconds. Be careful here; be sure to put a minus sign (-) before your longitude since you are in the Western Hemisphere.

7. Next you will go to a screen where you give the details of your observation situation:

– Date

– Observation Type – Choose “Traveling” here since we walked from one point to another.

– Start Time (include AM or PM)

– Duration of observations

– Distance (you can get this from Google Earth)

– Party Size (# of people doing the observation)

8. Move to the next screen to start entering data. On the right, you will be asked if this was a “Complete Checklist” of everything observed. Check yes or no.

9. For each species observed, type in the frequency (number observed).

10. “Submit” will take you to a list where you can check for accuracy before actually sending in the data. You can go back and edit at this point.