Task 5 – Exploring eBird

Using eBird, try the following:

1. From the eBird ABOUT page, load several occurrence maps for different species. Pick one interesting species, and

– When does the species appear and disappear in our area?

– How does the migration proceed? Which areas in the country does it move into? Not move into? Seem to skip over? etc.

Using the EXPLORING DATA page,

2. Check out 2013 departures of species in Maryland and 2014 arrivals. Try for you county.

3. Check out the Real Time Submission of Data on the SUBMISSION MAP.

4. Check out the EXPLORE LOCATION page. Look at Kent County, MD (county you are in) and your county.

5. What was the last new species that Clare was able to add in Baltimore this year?

6. How many species has Eli found in QA County this year?

7. What species have been seen at Bombay Hook (Kent County, Delaware) in the last month or so?

8. What night birds (3 owl species, Whip-poor-will, Chuck-Will’s-Widow) are being seen in this local area?

9. How many species have been seen so far this year in your county, Maryland, the US, the World?

10. Make a Bar Chart for species in your county?

11. Make a Bar Chart for species in Bombay Hook to see what we are likely to find?